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The Story


In 2023, Mike founded Movement For Life LLC with the goal of helping people to move and feel better. He has been a personal trainer since 2019 and earned his Master's in Exercise Physiology from Pitt in 2020. 

On a personal journey, starting in 2014, he began a holistic approach to health. Implementing exercise and nutrition, his mental and physical well-being saw great improvements. Mike strives to share his journey with others, help them reclaim their fitness, and take back ownership of their health.


Seeing the high cost of in-person training (one gym in particular, where it was $100 per hour),

and lack of holistic approaches Mike was inspired to use an online platform to make a better offer and have a wider reach.

On a Personal Note

Mike lives to move. He'll find any excuse to get outside. Rock climbing, obstacle course races, trail running, and hiking are among a few of his hobbies. On the flip side, craft beer, pad thai, and pizza are some of his favorite treats. He believes that life is about balance. 

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