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Below is a collection of simple, effective tools for improving your health and fitness

Habit Tracker

Do you want to walk more frequently, improve your mobility, or get rid of bad habits? Use this tool!! It seems simple, but it keeps us focused on the behaviors we are trying to improve and gives us a way of tracking our progress.

Movement Goals

Not sure how much movement you should set as a goal? Use the image on the right, work up gradually to these numbers.

Nutrition Suggestions

Tired of feeling tired? Want to protect from injury and recovery more efficiently? You need to better fuel your body. Use these broad guidelines to hone in your eating habits.


"I want to be healthier" is as broad a goal as it gets. Be more specific. Use this tool to identify what you really need and set individual goals for yourself.

Walking Program

As mentioned in the first blog post, here is a guide to help you increase your steps with consistency


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